What we believe

Has our collective humanity slipped away without us even noticing? It’s time to regain control of our community; it’s time to take hold of one another and protect what is precious.

We know we can do better than this. We are humans who believe in humans. We stand up, stand with, and stand for humanity.

United, we possess an unconquerable strength.

Together, we are more powerful than injustice.

Our patients have been holding on for dear life, battling illnesses every day. There is no deferred action for disease. Now, it’s our time to hold on.

Together, we hold on to our patients, hold on to their human rights, hold on to our humanity. Because letting it go would be failing all of us.


Maria Isabel Bueso

Petition to save Isabel Bueso


Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services

United States House of Representatives

United States House of Representatives